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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Haiku on Day/ Prize/ Flash/ Unleash


You will rue the day
You harmed another human
It black marks your soul

Dayboro, Queensland
Dayboring by day and night
Watching pineapples

Suddenly it dawned
First day, the rest of his life
He knew he could change


They all raced around
Drying out after the flood
Prize to every one

For weird diseases
Things I don't know, cannot treat
She does take the prize

For egg and spoon race
There can only be one prize
The last intact egg


Red carpet rolled out
Scantily clad young nymphettes
Flash bulbs and fireworks

She caught him looking
Sudden hot flash surprised her
Early menopause?

Life goal set early
Refused to wear a nappy
Old flasher Harry


A sweet song unleashed
Onto the morning airwaves
Butcherbird calling

Sit down for a while
Unleash all your mind's power
To heal all your pain

Unleash a talkfest
Take lots of nice photographs
Avoid decisions

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