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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Haiku on Cheat/ Novice/ Staple/ Faint


Old English card game
Cheat with "three queens"; which are not
Dare someone call you?

Training child tastebuds
Pumpkin in chocolate cake
Mothers cheat sometimes

Cheated of summer
Bush fires rage across country
Hopes lie in ashes


Novice lay face down
Body in cruciate form
Her hair newly shorn

Stood on wobbly legs
Smiling, but really perplexed
A novice biped

Power swelled inside
Released, it smashed mother's vase
Novice Mage flowered

So, this goes in there
And then what do I do next?
A novice lover


Salt, fat and sugar
Staples of western diet
Lifestyle diseases

Refugee silence
Their lips stapled together
Human rights protest

Bent piece of metal
Foundation pillar of life
The humble staple


I am still awake
Bemused to see today's word
I feel rather faint

Morning assembly
Small girls breathe recycled air
Hellfire hymns make faint

Would you care to dance?
A faint smile as their eyes met
Step into future

Washed her hands again
The faint smell of blood remained
Lady Macbeth's curse

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