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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Why do I write Haiku?

I think predominantly writing Haiku is a kind of meditation.
I belong to a list on Twitter called #Haikuchallenge. Each day they offer a single word, and we all try to give it our best shot. I guess the first bit of the puzzle is 'association' to all sorts of things in my mind. I just let the mind run, while drinking my coffee first thing, and then build from there.
I do try to keep things 'traditional' in the sense of using 5-7-5 as my format. This provides a 'structure and a 'discipline'. However I also try to be traditional in the sense of 'simpleness' or 'everydayness'. I guess this is driven by some of the original Japanese writers (for instance Basho who wrote "Old pond/Frog leaping/ Splash". It is so 'duh', but so amusing, and challenges us to be aware of ordinariness in our daily lives - hence the mindful quality of writing Haiku.
I guess I also have some 'categories' - not that I intentionally write for them, but more I am aware of contexts - every day, family, intimate relationships, psychiatry, meaning of life. Within this, I am trying to build a repertoire of Haiku about Love and Sex - 'Sensual Haiku'. I am currently authoring a book drawing all of my sensual haiku together.
But my final  'category' is just that it is fun. It is such a joy to play with words, try to get them into some sort of order, use the discipline to control the words, but perhaps have a simple surprise at the end.
Today's word was 'itch'. I wrote:

Itch is found in snitch
In pitch, glitch, witch, switch and stitch
Also in body

and then

Itch makes my nose run
Not to do with allergy
Just hearing the word

and then

Number one lesson
Mosquito's main goal in life
To make us all itch

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