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Friday, December 28, 2012

Randomised study of Group based Voice and Movement Therapy for Self-injury

This published journal article represents over two years of trying to complete four ten-week group-based studies with no funding from outside sources. I would like to thank Sophie Martin, the VMT therapist, for her fabulous therapeutic work, and the other co-authors for all their hard work keeping the whole process on track.
The therapy does seem to show promise in healing self-injury, but we still have a long way to go in further studies to prove that it may be better than existing methods.
Unfortunately, you have to get the pdf through a Uni or other library, but at least you can see what the Abstract has to say:
"Effective and proven approaches for engaging and assisting young people who self-injure are yet to be established. The current study presents findings from 4 pilot trials of voice movement therapy (VMT) in addition to “treatment as usual.” Nineteen young women (mean age 20 years 3 months, range 16-25 years) completed 10 weekly group therapy sessions and a follow-up booster session. At posttreatment, there were statistically significant improvements in emotion regulation, alexithymia, self-esteem, anxiety, somatic symptoms and social dysfunction, and a nonsignificant trend for reduced depression and self-injury. All improvements were maintained at 8 to 10 weeks of follow-up. Results suggest VMT is an acceptable and promising adjunctive therapy for young adults who self-injure."

The article is in the international journal 'Music and Medicine', published by Sage journals.
If I can, I will get a pdf to share asap.

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